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Cory Sandhagen – MMA


ory is originally from Aurora, Colorado where he studied under the famed Nate Marquardt. He recently moved to Boulder to pursue a degree in Psychology at CU and has been training BJJ and Muay Thai since 2010. Cory wrestled in high school and has amazing physical ability and calmness. His level of skill is confounding in someone that has been training for such a short time.

Cory is a standout even among the pro team. You can catch his Muay Thai sparring class every Wednesday night. Cory has a particular knack for catching any holes in your game and teaching you how to capitalize on other people’s mistakes.

Cory really enjoys seeing progress in his student’s technique and is more than willing to put in an extra effort to make sure they are learning and getting better every day! Pay close attention to this one. He is sure to be a superstar in the not so distant future.

My training partners turned me onto Fuelary in Boulder, thank god for them keeping the wheels on.

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