Fuelary 01: Fueling with 5x World Champion Craig Alexander

Fuelary 01: Eat up, Drink up…Fueling with 5x World Champion Craig Alexander


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Meet Craig Alexander. You might of heard of him – he happens to be a 5x World Champion athlete and the current Hawaii Ironman record holder with a time of 8hrs 3mins and 56 seconds…ouch.

I’ve had the fortune of working with ‘Crowie’ for roughly 5 years on the massage table, plying and molding his tissue back to health so he can go out and destroy it some more. His class and professionalism are second to none, and from him I have learned enough to write a full book on recovery and training (complete with Aussie jokes)…but people don’t really read things these days (oh wait, are you actually reading this?)

Instead, I lured “Crowie” onto the massage table where we dug deep (literally) into some of the fueling, eating and performance trials and errors that he has learned over the years. This podcast highlights some of my best multitasking skills and was recorded during a deep tissue massage…so please disregard any panting, heavy breathing or pauses…it’s totally normal.


  • Sauna Benefits: Acclimation to heat and humidity
  • Staying fit and healthy at age 42
  • Training: Quality vs quantity
  • Daily injury prevention routines
  • Salt, salt, salt: The holy grail?
  • Calorie sources during racing: Solid vs liquid
  • A burning desire to burn Fat
  • Protein Shakes: Lots and lots of protein
  • What ‘Crowie’ eats
  • To go Gluten Free or not


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  • DM

    Thanks for the interview!
    Is this available on iTunes? Couldn’t find.

    • Fuelary

      DM, Thanks for the comment! Im working on getting it in iTunes soon. Ill let you know when its up. I just did a podcast with Tim O’Donnell, so that will be up next. Cheers

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