Fuelary #02: Timothy O’Donnell Bares the Naked Truth About Fueling

Fuelary #02: Timothy O’Donnell bares the naked truth about fueling


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Timothy O’Donnell is a spry 34-year-old who has represented the RWB (red, white & blue) as an athlete as well as a student at the Naval Academy. In this episode Tim bares it all on the massage table with Josh Shadle once again. Whoa, that sounds a bit dirty. I’m talking about massage here…come on! Sorry, only elbows – no happy endings. O’Donnell was feisty and tired from week 3 of his Kona Ironman prep, but managed to share some insight into his diet, nutrition and fueling strategies. It’s been great working with Tim over the years and we’re rooting for him at this year’s Kona Ironman 2015.

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  • Don’t sweat it! Salt issues & sodium testing
  • Kona Ironman 2014: Huge disappointment – what happened?
  • Sauna Training: Back in the sweat box this year
  • Urination: Does peeing on the bike tell you about hydration?
  • Fuelary’s Josh Shadle’s hydration fiasco in Ironman Boulder
  • Life after sodium: What other minerals are there?
  • Blood tests Tim uses to ensure his body is in prime shape
  • Gluten sensitivity: Getting tested and going gluten free
  • Cooking and meal prep during big training weeks
  • Tim’s fueling and recovery tips during big blocks of training
  • Diet periodization. Is leaner better?
  • Metabolic efficiency testing: Tim’s changes he made to burn fat
  • Liquid or solid calories: Using Special Needs during an Ironman.
  • Carb, sodium & beet juice loading
  • Some good laughs about Tim’s trials & errors


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