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uelary®, originally AllSports Recovery Club was founded in 2011 by current CEO Josh Shadle as the first walk-in sports recovery club of its kind.  AllSports Recovery club started out by offering a low membership gym rate, punch cards and drop-in fees to give unlimited access to the latest sports recovery tools.

The primary goal was and still is to empower and educate consumers how they can prevent injury and heal themselves on their own time.


uelary® now offers affiliate programs to business owners including CrossFit® , fitness gyms & consumers. You can buy products directly through our shop. We also offer product & injury plan packages.

Fuelary has a variety of affiliations and networking opportunities for the sports recovery market. Every CrossFit®, gym, therapist or consumer should be empowered to prevent their own injuries. Get the Gear!

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A different kind of gym. From cold laser technology to compression boots.
About Us

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul”

Nelson Mandela


We are some enthusiastic people. We are so excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves. 

  • Josh Shadle
    Josh ShadleFounder & CEO
  • Geoff Hower
    Geoff HowerOperations Manager
  • Nick Przybysz
    Nick PrzybyszEngineer & Products

The Original AllSports Recovery Club

A roadmap to health community. We are a walk-in self-use sports recovery club with you in the driver seat. Fuelary offers unlimited access to cutting edge technology to heal, prevent injury and maintain wellness. We empower you to be educated about your health and well being. We are far from the stereotypical doctors office. No white coats here. Create your own personalized roadmap to health .

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